Ewhurst Householders 1863

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Ewhurst Householders 1863

In 1863 the parish priest of Ewhurst compiled a list of the parish's inhabitants. It is unclear why he did so: perhaps the list was an aide-memoire or perhaps it was intended to help a successor as he settled into the parish. In any event, the resulting record represents a unique insight into a rural Sussex community in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Each house in Ewhurst is identified and the occupants listed. A brief commentary is then provided on the occupants. As might be expected, the priest was much concerned with who attended church and who did not; who were members of the church and who were non-conformists; which children were baptized and which not. However, he also showed family relationships, occupations and other personal details that seemed relevant – such as illegitimacy, second marriages and an occasional case of idiocy. From the list, we learn who was reliable, educated, intelligent and who was not; who went to school, who supported the school or paid into the village benefit and clothing clubs.

This transcription is invaluable not just for family historians but for all students of nineteenth century rural history.

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