Hastings Registered Electors 1836-1837

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Hastings Registered Electors 1836-1837

Prior to the Great Reform Act of 1832, Hastings returned two members to parliament on the votes of its 12 Jurats and a small body of freemen. Following the act, the franchise was expanded to the owners or tenants of buildings worth a minimum of 10 per annum, provided that they had resided in the property for at least a year prior to the registration day (15 July) and that all poor rates and assessed taxes had been paid.

These individuals, together with the residue of the earlier freemen, were the electors of the Town and Port of Hastings and their names were entered in the Register of 1836-1837.

The Register is arranged by the streets in each parish in the town and lists the names of those entitled to vote, their occupation and their employer.

The material in the Register is a very rich source for genealogists, social, political and local historians, not least because the returning officer has recorded the candidates in the poll of 25th July 1837 and the votes polled.

The transcription contains over 1,000 entries. Fully indexed.

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