Hastings Gaol Records 1850-1853

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Hastings Gaol Records 1850-1853

The gaol (prison) in Hastings was located in Bourne Street, on the side of the Bourne stream in the heart of the Old Town. A tall, narrow building with the prisoners occupying the first and second storeys, it was enlarged several times between 1818 and 1856, reflecting the rapid growth of the town. Following the murder of the gaoler in 1856 it ceased to be used as a gaol and became the local police station.

The gaol records give a chronological list of the persons committed to prison, the crime they were committed for and the length and nature of the sentence. The records also show which gaol they served their sentence in.

From January 1850 to June 1852 the allowance of food to each prisoner is also given.

This transcription is invaluable not just for family historians but for all students of nineteenth century social and local history.

Over 500 entries. Fully indexed.

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