Hastings Ward Lists of Burgesses November 1835 - November 1839

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Hastings Ward Lists of Burgesses November 1835 - November 1839

Under the Municipal Corporation Act of 1835, the Town Clerk was instructed to compile an alphabetical list of Burgesses (the citizens of the town enfranchised to vote in elections for local government). The municipal franchise was generally based on the same qualifications as the Reform Act of 1832, however it was extended to include each male person over 21 years of age who had occupied as tenant or owner, any house or place of business for 2 years, had resided within seven miles of the municipal boundary for the previous six months and who had paid all poor rates and assessed taxes.

Hastings was divided into two wards, East and West and the information recorded on each Burgess is name, the nature of the property (e.g. a house, shop or warehouse, etc.) its location and the parish. Over 600 Burgesses are identified.

Images of the Ward Lists are provided with a full index of all the individuals named.

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