Ickenham Inhabitants – The 1841 and 1851 Census

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The 1841 Census was taken on the night of the 7th June. The persons in each household are listed with their occupations but the relationship between them is not shown. The ages up to 14 are supposed to be correct and those above 14 have generally been rounded down to a multiple of five, e.g. 24 was reduced to 20 and 29 to 25. With regard to the places of birth, ‘Y(es)' stands for those born in the county of their residence and ‘N(o)' for those not born in the same county.

By contrast, the 1851 Census Returns, taken on the evening of Sunday 30th March, give address, names, actual ages (not always reliable), the relationships of each person to the head of the household, sex, marital status, occupation and parish and county of birth.

These Censuses are valuable to anyone with ancestors who lived in Ickenham, Middlesex at this time. The information they contain provides a “bridge” to the Ickenham parish registers, which have been transcribed by Hillingdon Family History Society and which are also published by PBN Publications. The Census are also an interesting source of information for those with an interest in the social history of this rural Middlesex parish over 150 years ago.

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