Sussex Census Returns 1841 - Volume 21

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The 1841 Census was taken on the night of the 7th June. The persons in each household are listed with their occupations but the relationship between them is not shown. The ages up to 14 are supposed to be correct and those above 14 have generally been rounded down to a multiple of five, e.g. 24 was reduced to 20 and 29 to 25. With regard to the places of birth, 'Y(es)' stands for those born in the county of their residence and 'N(o)' for those not born in the same county.

The 1841 Census is the earliest and most complete record of the inhabitants in Sussex in existence. It is therefore of tremendous importance to family historians, often providing the bridge between the civil registration records that started in 1837 and parish records that in some cases date back to 1538.

Transcribed as enumerated by PBN Publications. Includes index of surnames. ISBN 1-905347-30-8

It is interesting to note that the parishes of Clayton, Hurstpierpoint, Keymer, Slaugham and Pyecombe all lie on the route of the London to Brighton railway, which was nearing completion in the summer of 1841.

On Census night 1841 over 960 railway workers (many with their families) were temporarily living in these parishes. Volumes 20 and 21 of the 1841 Sussex Census series therefore have over 1,800 individuals, drawn from all over the British Isles, who would not in the ordinary course of events have been living in Sussex. The actual construction of the railways was therefore a major factor in causing people to move around the country; a fact perhaps often overlooked when you consider the greater population movement that was facilitated by the completed railway network.

Includes: Slaugham, Bolney, Cowfold, Twineham, Albourne, Newtimber, Pyecombe, Hurstpierpoint, Clayton and Keymer.

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ISBN: 978-1-905347-30-8